The Legend of Sir Adonis
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The Legend of Sir Adonis
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Sir Adonis making his first contact with a woman..
The Legend
Adonis, was born in the northern kingdom of Magisphere. He is the son of the infamous Lord Narcissus the Seductive, and Lady Satrina Nightshade. It was said at his birth, that roses bloomed on every bush, the sun rose from the horizon, and birds chirped happily in the air. It was said that he would grow up to posess great beauty, but it would be the only card he had to play. Adonis would never be a fighter, nor a killer, but a lover, and he would learn to use his beauty and charm to ensure his own survival. Soon after his birth, his mother passed due to a strange illness, and he was raised by his father. However, his father being deadly jealous of his son's perfectness, he kept him locked away in the basement. Adonis remained down there for his entire youth, not being able to talk to society, or play out in the world like normal children. But, when his father died, he was able to escape his imprisonment, and he fled into Rhydin. Once arriving in Rhydin, he slowly started learning the ways of the world, and quickly learned to stay away from other man as they are very jealous.

Adonis is a very shy man. Though many would love to see him, and pray to the gods of his arrival at their homes, he still shys from society, as a result of his years of imprisonment. He is very facinated with learning about the female body and mind, as he has only met his mother, and never talked or even seen another woman. Because he shys from society, some have claimed to have seen him laying beside a pool of water which is located at the heart of the Rhydin woods. Not much is known about him, for every woman that has seen him, wishes to speak not of her encounter with him, for fear of embarrasement. However, we do know that he is a very peaceful man, and that he moves to hurt nobody. His is often seen wearing a dark blue silken shirt that folds over, and black leather pants. We also must make you, the reader, aware of his touch. Legend says, that his touch has the ability to calm even the angriest of the Amazons, who hunt for him like golden treasure. So many people wnat him, and for so many reasons, and upon questioning women who have seen him, in all cases the women have been alone, and yearning for the company of a man.

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