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Walking down a path was a boy one day
All the sights were his to enjoy
And so it was a fork he came
And a sign or post was expected seen

Yet no post nor sign no one to point him in direction
It was up to him, to choose his own path

Ahead to the right were flowers, birds, and trees
Crystaline water could be heard
Trickling in the breeze
Too Easy the path was thought by he
For Danger and horror he longed to see
Thus the wicked desire was fed to he
With a quick glance to his left

Down this path, there was no breeze
No fresh-cut path between the trees
This sight made him cry
Made him twist, Made him turn, Made him fear this way
Yet it was that wicked desire, the lust for dangers aye
That possessed this child, pushed him down that path
His soul understood not why

Lucas Hile

Copyright 2000 Lucas Hile

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